Friday, 17 February 2012

Connecting to each other... Learning how to co-operate on an artwork

Yesterday our class went on a morning trip to Te Tuhi Art Centre in Pakuranga. We went to a workshop called Creative Stories and we worked with art teacher Mr Leatinu'u.

First we presented a drama of the Maori Creation story, Rangi and Papa. We used speech, dance, and mime to present the story of how the Earth Mother, Papatuanuku, was separated from the Sky Father, Ranginui. 

Everyone put a lot of effort into the presentation and Mr L was very pleased to see our play. We were inspired by Gavin Bishop's version of this great myth, retold in his wonderful book Counting the Stars.

Then we went into the art room and talked about how to make a poster based on our favourite scene in the Rangi and Papa story. 

 We had to work together to share our ideas and get our poster made. We used bright coloured paper to make our scenes.

Everyone worked really well on their group artwork.

 We will take another photo of the finished artworks after we finish them back at school.

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