Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Dream Houses: Working with Sculptor Gregor Kregar - Photo Essay

 Gregor Kregar, Sculptor Extraordinaire

Our favourite sculpture by Gregor Kregar


These Archimedean shapes inspire us. Each 3-d shape is made out of different 2-d shapes that are in a pattern

These are simple 3-d shapes that are made out of 1 type of 2-d shape

This is when we were listening to the instructions

Inspiration -  Gregor Kregar  showing us what he has made
Equilateral and isoceles triangles, tape, and hot glue gun

Another of Gregor's small spheres for inspiration

Amazing construction using polished aluminium


Constructing- lots of thinking

Houses of the future?

Amazing results...

Another building of the future...?

Happy builders...

Example of an aluminium construction

Master and pupil...

Room 13 celebrate their creative constructions with Gregor and Jeremy

Decorating our buildings

Discovery finished!

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