Monday, 7 May 2012

Children Work with Inspirational Sculptor Gregor Kregar

This is an article Room 13 students wrote about working with Gregor Kregar in March of this year:

Dream Houses with Gregor Kregar

In March, twelve senior classes in Year 4-6 at Elm Park School collaborated with Gregor Kregar who was working on a sculpture installation for an exhibition at Te Tuhi Art Gallery.  Before we went to  Gregor's workshop we looked at lots of examples of his sculptures. His work is famous all over the world. We also looked at amazing houses, built of geometric shapes, in America, Canada, The Netherlands, Israel, and New Zealand. These were part of educational materials sent by Jeremy Leatinu'u who coordinates the education programme. We were all pretty excited when we finally got to Te Tuhi.

When we walked into the Te Tuhi school studio we met Gregor who soon set to work inspiring us with Platonic and Archimedean 3-d shapes. He showed us some of his work and it was very exciting. He showed us the pre-cut cardboard equilateral and isoceles triangles that we were going use. We worked in pairs to make fantastic buildings with the cardboard shapes, hot glue and tape. It was fascinating to see the buildings take shape.

When we finished our imaginative  Dream Houses we felt fabulous and lucky. We thought that it was one of the best things we had ever done in our lives. We can't wait for the opening when we can see how our small scupltures have become part of Gregor's sculpture exhibition.

We found out that Gregor is from Slovenia but now lives in New Zealand. He really loves making sculpture and he has been constructing shapes since he was a young boy. 

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