Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ukelele Heaven! Kiwileles Festival 1 Dec 2012

First job: Putting up the school pop top

Imagine a 3,000 strong ukelele orchestra of children! This was the magic of the Kiwileles Festival in Henderson, Auckland, on Saturday 1 December this year. 

14 Room 13 children elected to go to the festival and experience playing in  a huge group.

More photos will be added to the blog in the next week.

Passing the time before the parade of schools
Balloons, free face-painting, ukelele entertainment groups, food, fun and laughter ...

The captivating clowns on pogo stilts were a big hit

Ukes tuned and ready to go...

Music stands, pegged and ready...

(Kiwileles Festival website photo of the crowd)

Our view from the Yellow Group
 looking at the audience

                                                      All smiles...

 Playing with Dave Dobbyn!

20 songs..... yes we are ready! 

Youtube link to opening song – Kiwi Ukulele

Youtube link to UkeJam's photos of the Kiwileles Grand Parade

NZ Ukulele on Facebook (great photos from Trevor Villers)

And here is a link to the rehearsal we did at East Tamaki School:

This was our school's first outing to the festival, with just 14 children, but the teachers there all agreed it will be a regular calendar event for children keen on playing the ukelele at EPS.

Roll on 2013!


Anonymous said...

The weather looks gorgeous and the venue amazing. How exciting to go to this event for the first time. Well done Kiwileles from EPS. I bet the numbers in your group will expand next year. It must have been terrific playing with Dave Dobbyn!

Anonymous said...

Well done everybody!!! A splendid effort from all of you. We thouroughly enjoyed the day.

Room 13 EPS said...

I felt really happy and it was so fun. My favourite song was The Freedom of Life and my favourite songs to play were Poi E and The Freedom of Life. My best moment was getting my face painted and getting two balloons and meeting friends. I really want to do it next year! (AT)

Room 13 EPS said...

I have reached my goal by playing in the World's biggest ukulele orchestra. I felt proud of myself.My favourite song was Slice of Heaven and Love Love Love.

Room 13 EPS said...

My favourite songs are all of the songs because you can play all of the songs on the ukulele but you should practice a lot. I love to play the ukulele because this year it is my first time playing a lovely instrument. I felt amazed by lots of great ukulele players. I could not believe it. I loved it so much [to play the ukulele.] the best moment at the festival was everyone playing the ukulele. Next year I will keep on playing the ukulele and practice picking on the ukulele.(GEM)

Room 13 EPS said...

I think i did well at the Kiwilele Festival. My favourite songs are Love,Love,Love,Poi E, and Slice of Heaven because they all were awesome to play. Some songs were a little hard but I still enjoyed them but I should practice more on the Ukulele. I am proud of what I did at the festival. My best moment was playing the nineteen songs at the festival.


Room 13 EPS said...

I felt really happy when I found out I was going to be in the ukelele Festival. My best moment was my mum being there. My 3 favorite songs were the Freedom of life, Slice of Heaven and Poi E. I would love to be in it next year.JG

Room 13 EPS said...

I loved listing and playing the ukelele.GM

Room 13 EPS said...

I felt really musical that day and my friends felt that way as well. My favourite three songs are Slice of Heaven, Octopus Garden, Love,Love, Love. I'm looking forward to next year. My Mum really loved it too! (AJ)